Guidelines to follow to increase the effectiveness of Ativan

Increase the effectiveness of Ativan

Lorazepam is a drug that comes under the class of drugs called benzodiazepine. They are used to treat anxiety disorders, panic attacks, sleep disorders et cetera. Ativan is one of Lorazepam generics that is relatively safer compared to other anti-anxiety medications available in the market. Also the drug is FDA friendly and regulated.

Although safer than other anxiolytic drugs, since it is a benzodiazepine, it poses its own share of risks, if the recommended directions are not followed. The side effects on the body can range from mild to severely negative. To avoid this, it is advisable to follow certain guidelines to increase the efficiency of the drug without harming the body in any manner.

  1. Keep in mind that Ativan is a prescription medication. These drugs demand strict medical supervision during the course of the treatment. It is classified as a prescription drug because of the intensity of the side effects and complex contra-indications involved with the drug. For this reason, do not buy the drug without a prescription as it may cause more harm than good.
  1. It is advisable to inform the doctor of any history of drug abuse or alcoholism. Ativan should not be consumed under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol by itself is a central nervous system (CNS) depressant. Even if the person consumes alcohol occasionally, it is considered fatal to have both alcohol and Ativan together; a CNS depressant along with Ativan is never a good idea. So do keep the doctor informed of any habits and allergies that you may suffering from. The doctor should also know the patients’ past medical history to make it easier for him to take the right course of action to treat the patient’s anxiety.
  1. Tolerance development. A person using Ativan for a long period of time will develop tolerance to the drug rendering the decrease in the effectiveness of the drug as an anxiolytic. When this happens the patient is forced to have a higher dosage just to maintain the anti-anxiety effects of Ativan. Also a higher dosage is associated with dependency and, mild to severe withdrawal symptoms. To avoid this, it is best advised to make use of Ativan for not more than four weeks.
  1. Keep a record of how the body is responding to Ativan. While using Ativan, make sure you keep track of all your symptoms. Pay close attention to any sort of discomfort that you may experience during the course of medication. It is also advisable to know all the side effects associated with Ativan. If any discomfort is noted, enquire with the doctor and tell him about the discomfort.
  1. Healthy life style. Lorazepam stays in the blood stream for around 12 to 48 hours depending on the dosage. The faster the drug gets excreted from the body, the lesser the chance for dependency and tolerance. You may drink plenty of water, exercise regularly and prefer anti-oxidant rich edibles in order to allow the drug to act effectively against the symptoms.